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Oh, come ON. There’s lots of junk lying around the Valley! Billboards, pipes or whatever…

And hey, Greenville has some stuff too, right? *smiles*

A junk tower covered in pictures of my face? Gee I wasn’t sure for a minute there but now I’m totally sold. Are you an architect? … Hm, but pipes could work.

- ehh, yeah, Greenville. Preeetty sure I’ve used up my fun-scheme budget with them. Forever.

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Yeah, I know. Your way of helping is weird, but… *deepens his voice, waggling his finger sternly* “This is for your own good!” …that kind of deal. I’m used to it.

I know what you were trying to say. I guess the impossible things make me wanna do it more.

#sorry if that makes things hard for you…

Ugh, is that what it sounds like? I should just grow a dumb mustache already. Tell me to shut up next time.

If that’s how you feel, then- yeah. Follow your dreams. - It’s not hard for me, just-… *shrugs* Promise you’ll watch where you’re following them to.

(Source: cold-ler)

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